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FireRisk in the national Portuguese television

Congratulations to one of our first call teams which was recently interviewed for the national television in Portugal, RTP. Firerisk is one of the 49 projects in the first open call for proposals by FINODEX and their project consists on an app able to track and monitor fire risk alerts in real time, helping public authorities, citizens and firefighters in their daily work.

Click here to watch the video (in Portuguese).


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Results of our second call have been sent to the proposers!

The results on our second call have been sent to our proposers. Out of the 297 received propoposals 52 will finally sign up a sub-grantee contract by the end of September. Public results will not be made till that moment, as from now on the "negotiation" phase is taking place. Thanks everyone for participation.

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TalkyCar. Open Data for Open minds

The founder team of TalkyCar is composed by the CEO Gonzalo

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FINODEX will fund 52 projects, instead of 51, within the second call

297 proposals are currently under evaluation. Results will be known by proposers during the last month of August. They will be made public in October.

FINODEX second call will fund 52 projects and not 51 as initially planned. This slight increase facilitates a bit the chance for success of the companies which submitted to our second, and last, open call.

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SAPIN. Sports Activities Promotion Interactive Network

Brief story of SAPIN project

The SAPIN project was born as the great ideas, from the observation of reality and the discovery of a series of needs that to date has not been resolved yet.

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IO Mate. Social Technology for the People

IO will be a Social Robot that will support psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the treatment of several developmental disorders using FIWARE technology. The main advantages of IO in front similar products will be its top level performances at an 
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In Trento the 3rd phase of the FINODEX project

TrentoRISE in collaboration with it’s FINODEX partners organized a two-days networking event for the startups and SMEs that passed the previous phase of the challenge. Participants had the opportunity to be in contact with international mentors, who supported them both on the technical and business part.

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Finodex second call is closed with great success after receiving 297 proposals

This represents more than one hundred projects than presented in first call. Results will be known by next September

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Finodex accelerator completes successfully their presentations in the United Kingdom

One hundred of British ICT entrepreneurs have shown their interest for funding opportunities

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Finodex in Cardiff, Presentations ready!

On Tuesday 12th of May, Cardiff played host to a future internet event designed to help demonstrate to local business how they can benefit from the EU funded FINODEX programme (Future INternet Open Data EXpansion).  

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