eViti (renaming to eVineyard)


eViti is the most convenient and affordable vineyard management software for small vineyards that helps winegrowers to spray smarter.


Project Description 
eViti helps viticulturists to learn more about their vineyards through powerful analytics, and helps them spray smarter. eViti is a smart information system for all information about the vineyard, like vineyard properties, activities, and environmental data.  eViti's advanced disease development models are able to give the most certain and customized automated advice available nowadays about when, with what, and in what concentration the winegrower should spray in order to reduce the amount of pesticides used while safely avoiding yield losses.
Goals & Challenges
To grow our userbase for 3x or more in the upcoming season in Europe, and to introduce some interesting technology to the winegrowing market during the FINODEX acceleration.
The choice of FIWARE
Large part of our processing and functionality is based on the Context. Vineyards are situated in the nature and are as such important Points of Interest for the viticulturist, who is our user. We use Generic Enablers from those areas, together with Security-related Generic Enablers, and they are a connected part of our solution's core.
Products developed with FIWARE
eViti system. Before eViti, some of the team members worked with FIWARE on different events and while developing other solutions.
Benefits & accomplishments
Our main accomplishment is that there are users in more than 10 countries, arelady using our system today – even though here in Europe is winter – because some of them are situated in the Southern Hemisphere. They benefit from our solution every time they have to decide when to spray, or when they have to keep a record of their activity. We as a team are proud to have survived a bootcamp with Special Forces while in another (private) accelerator. We count as a benefit to working in the industry we love, where we're almost obliged to drink a glass of something decent every time we visit our potential customer.