Interview with INFINBOX



"ICT solutions for hospitals"

Could you summarize your project in just one sentence?

Smart Hospital provides a set of mobile services for that the medical staff, patients and hospital management can consult medical information and personalized content anywhere, anytime and in a secure manner.

What has it meant for the company to be engage in the FIWARE acceleration programme?

Participating in FIWARE accelerator program has been essential for the growth of Smart Hospital at both technical and business level. FIWARE technology is key in the Smart Hospital architecture. FILAB nodes provide the cloud-based platform that supports and hosts Smart Hospital mobile services. In addition, FIWARE accelerator program has been decisive for achieving market-grade services in a reasonable time.

Could you explain how your project has improved working with FIWARE technologies and FINODEX services?

FINODEX is being a great experience for us not only for funds, which are key for the start-ups at the beginning, but also for the networking and mentoring sessions which is so necessary for tuning our business model and technical project. Another important detail is that thanks to FINODEX, we are going to be in contact with investors in order to show them our project and business.

Has Open Data brought real value to your business?

Yes, Smart Hospital provides informative datasets collected from medic¬¬al open data sources. In this way, doctors can consult technical healthcare information to assist them in their diagnosis. Certain open medical sources are also appropriated for patients. Now, we are assessing the possibility of publishing (anonymized) patient medical data to contribute to global knowledge.

SmartHospital provides a secure open platform for integrating private cloud services, facilitating and improving medical information management. Where did the idea come from and what is its added value?

The TvTab entertainment system for hospitals we are deploying in Spanish hospitals has put us in an optimal position to find out needs and requirements in the health sector. Workshops and interviews to different health players reveals that certain mobile services improve the medical staff productivity and increase the patient level satisfaction.
The whole feedback obtained from users and customers can be summarized in two key conclusions:

  1. Patients and doctors demand more clinical information anywhere anytime and from any device
  2. Hospitals will invest on multimedia solutions which improve the staff productivity and increase the patient satisfaction.

Such conclusions made us to focus on developing Smart Hospital.

What are your expectations for 2016 and beyond?

During 2016 we have agreements to deploy our solutions in hospitals. One of them is for TvTab and another one for Smart Hospital.

Where do you see your company in five years time?

We plan to grow first in Spain and then expand abroad. For this purpose, Smart Hospital is completely coherent with our current business approach and complements it: We have detected that hospitals that buy our TvTab entertainment system are fully aware of the value of mobility in the provision of medical services. Therefore, Smart Hospital (as a platform) and its mobile verticals are attractive for those hospitals. We therefore expect the Smart Hospital market to grow from our current customer base to national level and, from there, abroad, according to the same strategy as TvTab's.

Nowadays, only three mobile services are available on Smart Hospital but, thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, adding another services is possible if new hospital needs are detected or new multimedia health ideas appear. Even, third parties could deploy their health solutions without problem.



Activity: development and deployment of mobile solution for the health sector
Sector: Health
Foundation Year: 2011 but we start our commercial activity from 2013
Contact: Jaime Loureiro Acuña (
Employees: 5 co-founders (2 full time and 3 partial time) plus 1 employee