Interview with TalkyCar




“Be a smart driver”



  • What Talkycar is about, in just one sentence?

TalkyCar connects your vehicle using a small plug and play device connected to diagnostic port of your vehicle and compatible with most of them, doing your driving or your fleet more intelligent, safer and efficient.

  • What has it meant for the company to be engaged in the FIWARE acceleration programme?

To be selected means that your business is one of best European ideas, validated by European Commission. This is a big point when you meet with other companies, clients or investors. Also, it is an important funding source, helping entrepreneurs to focus on product and customer development in first stages.
Also we got lot of value in our business development thanks to the support offered by the acceleration programme, providing mentors and coaching sessions.

  • How your project has improved by working with FIWARE technologies and FINODEX services?

We selected Fiware to ensure compatibility with Smart-City environments and compatibility with other related solutions using Fiware. Also Fiware provided us a stack to ensure scalability of our services, and a set of powerful tools to help the development.

  • Has Open Data brought real value to your business?

For us, Open data is very interesting and provides very useful information to our users, like weather alarms, gas stations prices to calculate fuel consumption cost and much more.
We are planning to generate open data from vehicles in next steps and is an easy way to provide information to citizens from public vehicles in smart city besides improve and control their fleets in order to make better decisions.

  • TalkyCar connects your car with your smartphone, turning your car into an intelligent car, making your driving safer and efficient. Where did the idea come from and what is its added value?

All started by studying the possibility to develop a platform for taxi drivers in Nerja city in order to view the vehicle usage and driving behaviour of taxi drivers. But we saw more potential in an app to monitor, control and track vehicles for final consumers and enterprises, not only for taxi.

  • What are your expectations for 2016 and beyond?

We expect to consolidate our sales in the Spanish market and grow in sectors like big logistic services and big fleets in addition to small fleets and taxi drivers.
During the second semester 2016 we will seek VC funding round to enter into new European markets, specially UK, France, Italy and Germany.

  • Where do you see your company in five years time?

We see our company leading smart car and crash detection (eCall) solution for aftermarket sector, and helping users to reduce insurance costs.
We will have consolidated our strategy, with different solutions, like stand-alone devices, bluetooth devices, and integration on interactive systems like android auto and car play.
Also we will have other revenue sources like big data analysis, event triggered advertisement, and other solutions according to our expertise acquired in Internet of Things and smart mobility sector.




Activity: Development and marketing of solutions for transport.
Sector:  TIC
Foundation Year:  2014
Contact: | +34 951 351 381
Employees:  6