FINODEX - FIWARE usage in the second call

At the end of the second phase of the 2nd FINODEX Open Call it’s good to take some time and a have an evaluation of the FIWARE usage by the 31 SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs that participated to the Call. The figure below shows an overview of the adoption of FIWARE technologies, giving a drawing, from a quantitative perspective, of the most used FIWARE GEs, grouped by Category/Chapter, within the projects sub-granted by the Call. It’s interesting to note that the usage of FIWARE GEs was very similar both by projects of the 1st and of the 2nd FINODEX Open Calls.

Finodex FIWARE usage

As can be easily deduced from the figure, the most used GEs belong to the “Security” and “Data/Context and Management” Chapters. On the contrary, few GEs from “Internet of Things” were adopted and no GE within “Advanced Middleware and Interfaces to Network and Devices” Category. The last could be due to the typology of the applications built within FINODEX, for which the kind of services offered within the Advanced Middleware categories is not so useful.
It may be of interest to note that the most adopted GEs were those for which the support (provided by owners) is pretty good.

In addition, it’s of interest to acknowledge the most frequently detected issues (by sub-granted) related to configuration, interoperability, installation, and services connection of GEs, which led to set-up some basic solutions about the usage of given GEs, in particular concerning:

  • how to configure the Identity Management Keyrock GE and the PEP Proxy Wilma GE to protect the back-end of the applications;
  • how to store the context information (Orion Context Broker GE) with storage systems (like MySQL, mongoDB, Cosmos and CKAN - the open database to manage the open data required for FINODEX);

how to use multiple public IP based on the virtual host configuration in Apache Web Server (in FIWARE Lab is available only IP public for company).