FIWARE FINODEX selects the top-three projects of the second and last call

Each of the companies have been funded between €115,000 and €170,000

Canard Drones (Spain), Sensape (Germany) and ReportLab (UK), have been the three winners of the second round of the ICT projects accelerator FIWARE FINODEX supported by the European Commission. These companies have been through four different phases in the acceleration competing with 297 projects. Each of the finalists has received between 115,000 and 170,000 euros of funding to launch their projects.

FINODEX is one of the 16 accelerators funded by the European Commission to support SMEs and entrepreneurs projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies. The main goal is creating new ICT products and services to improve the sector’s competitiveness. FINODEX is led by the Spanish international company ZABALA Innovation Consulting and integrated by a consortium of six more European partners.

FINODEX has already selected more than one hundred innovative projects via two open calls launched in 2014 and 2015. Each project will obtain between 10,000 and 170,000 euros of equity-free funding. FINODEX is investing 4.64 million euros to support the selected projects.

The winning projects

- The 1st place has been for Canard. The company has secured €170,000 coming from FINODEX. CANARD allows fast calibration of NavAids by using fully automated, unmanned UAVs (drones) that perform 100% accurate flight inspections, support a 0% emissions procedure and comply with all the international regulations.

- 2nd place for Sensape They have received €135,000 euros of funding. The startup creates interactive shop windows, context aware billboards and entertaining retail systems, presenting contents dynamically and exciting while the market success gets quantifiable.

- 3rd place for ReportLab with its OpenTrack project. They provide a hosted platform which can handle all the phases of an athletics competition: entries and team registration, recording at the finish line, and publishing and syndicating results.  Total funding for them has been €115,000.