31 projects selected to access the Development phase

31 companies are still engaged in the accelerator from the 297 received applications.

As part of the acceleration in the second call a set of 31 projects out of 52 access the following phase of the acceleration. These companies are part of the second call which selected originally 52 companies out of nearly 300 applicants. This 31 will be focused in developing their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) till next April 2016, when they will be re-evaluated again to acess the top-10 of the phase.

During the "Development" phase of the acceleration the companies will have free access to business coaches, external experienced mentors, onsite training on open data and FIWARE and a whole team from the accelerators on their day-by-day issues. So far this projects have already designed their technical architecture and business plans of their products and services.

The list of selected projects is included here:

Acronym Title Website
AGRIOPENDATA A Decision Support System to manage herbicides and fertilizers treatments http://www.ezlab.it
AgroAlert Early warning for extreme weather phenomena in agriculture myagroalert.eu
CANARD Calibration of Navigational Aids systems using Augmented Reality Drones http://www.canarddrones.com/
CITIUS Collective Intelligence for Transportation In Urban Systems. http://hyperon.gr/
Coachademy Smart counselling app for the prevention of work-related stress and burnout http://www.coachademy.com
CropDiagnosis Pest Diagnosis and Chemical Recommendation Engine http://www.ergobyte.gr
DADAFI Dairy Data Aggregation @ FIWARE http://www.smartbow.at
Deepsleep DeepSleep - help your child have sweet dreams http://thedeepsleep.com
eViti eViti, a smart vineyard management decision support system http://www.eviti.co
FLEX MDA FLEX Mobile Dementia Assistant  
GEM Cognitive Collaborative bioinformatics cognitive room http://www.gembiosoft.com
Hupp Real-time, smart and social carpooling http://gethupp.com
KISSMYBIKE KISSMYBIKE – Advanced Anti-Theft System for Bicycles http://www.kissmy.bike/en/
Lucy Lucy - get your missing dog back! http://lucyapp.com
MentalCheck A web service-based platform to design and conduct ecological momentary assessment and internvention (EMI) through mobile devices for mental health and human behaviour checks  
MOVIDA Modelling from vineyard to wine with open data http://www.tea-engineering.com
Open business Open your business in the right location! http://www.OpenBusinessXt.com
Open Risk Dashboard An online resource that uses open data to improve financial risk management skills across the European Union https://www.openrisk.eu
OpenTrack OpenTrack: Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source in Athletics http://opentrack.run
parkadoro Easy and safe city parking experience harnessing real-time open data http://www.suite5.uk
Playtour Playtour- An augmented reality location-based game to stimulate tourism http://www.mahei.es/
Project LooX Artificial perception for infotainment systems www.sensape.com
Re:travel YOUR SMART TRAVEL ASSISTANT http://www.re-travel.de/
Rent A Net (RAN) On-board Wi-Fi for car rental http://rentanet.eu
RGS Rehabilitation gaming system for brain recovery http://www.eodyne.com
SmartPlatformCity SmartPlatformCity: Services of value by tracking/analysing users' behaviours http://www.smartappcity.com
startup nation Realtime Monitor & Benchmark of startup activity compared to rest of industry  
TeleTransfusion Telemedicine system for remote interpretation of pre-transfusion tests http://www.xlab.si/products/teletransfusion/
Wardis Integrated hospital ward resource planning and management system http://www.wardis.com
WISETOWN Web information stream enhancer town http://www.wisetown.eu/